We are professionally trained by Kim Lawless “THE WAX QUEEN” (As seen on GMTV) who is the UK’s leading authority in intimate waxing. For our Brazilians and delicate areas we only use highest quality hot Perron Rigot wax that significantly reduces discomfort and we NEVER double dip!

Ladies Lower Body Waxing



Upper Lip or Chin..£5.00

Lip & Chin..£8.00

Sides of Face..£8.00

Cheek Bone...£8.00

Full Face..£18.00

Full Face and Neck..£25.00

Ladies Facial Waxing

Half Leg including Knee and Feet..£10.00

Thighs including Knee..£15.00

Full Leg..£18.00

Full Leg and Basic Bikini..£22.00

Ladies Upper Body Waxing

Under Arms..£6.00

Forearm including Elbow and Hand..£9.00

Full Arm including Hands..£15.00


Small of Back only..£10.00

Full Back..£18.00


Completely bare!  


Removes every single hair from the back, front, inside and outside.


You can leave a landing strip at the top if that's your thing but most don't.  It includes the butt crack, any noticeable hair on the buttocks, the inner and outer labia, pubic mound, hair growing from the butt cheeks onto the back of the upper thigh and buttocks.  



G String

This leaves a strip of hair that starts on the pubic mound and down over the labia and tapers in narrow as it reaches the butt cheeks.  It includes the butt crack and any noticeable hair on the buttocks.



Basic Bikini

A quick , gentle wax in the crease of the leg . Removes all the visible pubic hair outside of the knickers at the front only.



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