Popular with both men and women

Are you proud of your feet? would you be  comfortable walking barefoot  on the beach? Would you be confident wearing open toed sandals in the summer or cuddling up barefoot with a loved one on a winter’s evening? If you feel that your feet are not as attractive as they should be, I may just have the answer to your problem!


After An Hour treatment your problem feet will be magically transformed into such a beautiful masterpieces you will be afraid to walk on . There is nothing more relaxing then going barefoot and our pedicures will give you the confidence you need at the same time keeping your feet healthy and attractive . 


Medical pedicure is different from regular pedicure you can find from regular salons. It is performed on dry feet so there is no risk of fungal cross contamination arising from shared foot bath. 


Spa pedicures “sterilise “ instruments between use by placing them in bright blue barbicide or a similar product. We use one time only tools ( files and drill tips) which are immediately discarded after use. 


our signature treatment. Popular with both men and women. This is the most intensive pedicure and is specifically designed to treat hard skin,corns and calluses. It’s performed on a dry foot to ensure long lasting results and uses specialist tools to gently but effectively remove stubborn hard skin, followed with cuticle work before  toes are perfectly shaped wit crystal files , buffed or polished . To finish the treatment off the foot cream is applied and massaged in.


The cost of this treatment is..£35.00


As above with addition of foot scrub and mask,  foot and lower leg massage, paraffin and heated booties. Designed to give the benefits of chiropodist with the pampering experience


The cost of this treatment is..£40.00

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