Shellac Manicure / Pedicure

Shellac is a long lasting nail polish that goes on exactly like polish,DOES NOT require BUFFING NATURAL NAIL , dries instantly in a special UV lamp, is extremely flexible and very shiny. Shellac comes off easily with soaking. 


The key is the top quality of the product, which delivers what it promises and, unlike many other gel polishes, is easy to take off. In fact Shellac, when applied by a professional, has proved to be an effective way of growing your natural nails and keeping them strong by providing strong but flexible coating for your nails.


Shellac polish lasts and stays shiny up to 14 days ( on some clients even longer) on hands and 4-6 weeks on feet. After that it has to be soaked off (not drilled or peeled), which takes 15 minutes and is free of charge in our salon if you are a returning Shellac customer.


Once it is taken off you can have Shellac polish again or go for the regular one, the choice is yours. Shellac polish does not stain your nails, even dark colours.


To keep up with the latest fashion, and to brighten up our colour range, we also work with GELISH polishes; which keep up with Shellac when it comes to the quality.


Shellac Manicure / Pedicure (includes cuticle work)..£17.00

Shellac Nail Art ( Glitters, Additives, stamping  etc…)  from 10p per nail 

Mini Manicure

Nails are cut, shaped and polished.


The cost of this treatment is..£10.00 (with shellac..£17.00)

Prescriptive Manicure

Hands exfoliated and massaged, cuticles removed  and nails shaped and polished.


The cost of this treatment is..£15.00 (with shellac..£20.00)

Deluxe Manicure

SOS for dry, damaged, tired hands and nails. Hands and lower arms are soaked in a warm cream to nourish dry and cracked skin and remove dead skin cells by gentle exfoliation. Next hands are coated in a masque, nails are shaped, cuticles soaked and maintained. Hands are then treated to a massage before paraffin wax is applied and hands are placed into thermal mittens to increase penetration. Finally polish is applied.


The cost of this treatment is..£25.00 (with shellac..£32.00)

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